Morris From America Official Trailer – A24

A24 has released an official trailer for its upcoming comedy drama, Morris From America. This film received quite a lot of buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, notably indie film maker Chad Hartigan, the director and screenwriter of the film. His previous work This Is Martin Bonner had garnered multi-awards and multi nominations in the film circuit. Morris From America tells a story of a rapper teenager Morris Gentry(Markee Christmas) misadventure  and his relationship with his widowed father Curtis Gentry(Craig Robinson) after they have been transplanted from America to Germany. Actor Craig Robinson also received a lot of praise for his role in this film. Other cast includes Carla Juri (Wetlands), Lina Keller, Jacob Gierszal, Patrick Guldenberg and Eva Lobau. Morris From America is set to open in theaters on August 19th. Check out the trailer below.


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