Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 Premiere episode : The Ghost Review

Spoiler alert! The following article is a review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 4 premiere episode. It will contain all major plot points. If you have not catch up with the show stop reading now.

Reeling from Captain America Civil War where we see our super heroes split into two opposing team over the Sokovia Accords, the trickle down effect left AOS with no inhuman agents. Director Phil Coulson no more. He is now just an agent partnering up with Big Mack. While agent Melinda May has her own team to content with, the team were order to stay away from their inhuman friends. And Simmons is the top dog, an assistance to the new director of SHIELD. The yet to be seen director is keeping a tight leash on the agents.The change of dynamic did not make Melinda May one happy agent. The fact that Simmons now has higher security clearance status than her. Unofficially the team is still trying to track down Daisy/Quake who is now on the run. There is a shoot and kill order on Daisy. Phil and the team is working on the side to track her down. Yo Yo who remains friendly with Big Mack is the only ally Daisy got left. Apparently Daisy continuous use of her power has a detrimental effect to her health, she need Yo Yo help to steal the healing pills from the HQ.

The gist of the episode is the introduction of Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider. While team SHIELD is unofficially trying to track down Daisy, on her own Daisy is also hunting down this new vigilante/serial killer/ anti hero. The Ghost Rider had left a trail of dead Aryan brothers. It gets more mysterious when they have a dealing with the Chinese mafia that involve some supernatural element.

Season 4 at least on its premiere episode seems to depart from the series tradition. The battling with the big bad of Hydra amongst the Inhuman concluded last season. The series can’t afford to keep recycling the plot.  It’s almost like ABC is introducing  a new Marvel series of Ghost Rider. I will not be surprise if the character proves to be popular and will get it’s own series even if Marvel’s Agents of Shield will not survive beyond season 4. The 10 o’clock time slot proves to be  a good move to allow the show to go darker with more violence to counter the Netflix Marvel series.

Other development

  • Simmons and Fitz relationship will be tested thanks to Dr. Radcliffe illegal project of Aida/Life Model Decoy that had Fitz intrigue.
  • The end scene show Agent May  was infected by the ghostly virus when her team raided the warehouse where the Chinese mafia were earlier.
  • The supernatural element perhaps will be the movie tie in with  Dr.Strange.

Here’s looked at next week promo.

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